About Us

YumBasket is an e-commerce platform that sources delicacies of Indian states from the best-in-class regional food sellers and delivers them across India. Now try your favourite food items right from their origin with guaranteed authenticity and quality and also explore new ones on just a few clicks!

All the products listed on our website are directly sourced from different sellers across India. We do not hold any inventory and the products are directly shipped from the seller's shop to the customer fresh, well within their shelf lives.

OUR STORY: Every start-up is born as a result of some problem to be resolved. What was our problem that got attention? YumBasket is start-up by two young entrepreneurs Suyash and Arjun. They both completed their bachelors in engineering from VIT, Vellore and were hostel roommates throughout the period. Since Vellore is a small town in Tamil Nadu, getting authentic North Indian food was a big challenge and all hostelers used to crave for it. Everyone used to stock up their rooms with their favourite sweets and snacks which they brought from their homes after summer break. Since all students were from different states of India, this became a great way for all to try local delicacies like Kheer Kadam, Khakhra, Bhakharwadi etc. which they hadn't even heard of! But sadly this stock never used to last for long. This is when an idea of having an online marketplace for authentic sweets and snacks from all Indian states seeded up. What if you could try delicacies from all states whenever you want, wherever you want,  from the most authentic sellers? This would make millions of lives simpler and also give millions a chance to explore new flavours from multiple parts of the diverse country we live in without losing the comfort of their homes! After completing their bachelors and gaining sufficient work experience in the fields of technology and consulting from reputed MNCs, Suyash and Arjun started working on their vision to make flavours of India accessible to all and that's how YumBasket was born! Both founders are passionate about food and travelling and ensure that only the most authentic products and sellers get listed on the website.