What is Kodubale | Kodbale | Kadboli | Ring Muruku?

KODUBALE, I know you tried saying it out loud. As unique as it sounds it is a “very addictive” snack. Kodubale sounds more like a desert, isn't it? This delicious snack would give you all the top-tier delicious satisfactory taste bud feeling.

Spiced up with aroma-filled spices with some crunchy coconut, rice flour, and roasted gram flour as the key ingredients this traditional snack from Karnataka is very popular amongst everybody. We all know people prefer thin-crust pizza to a regular pizza. So crispy snacks are not at all an exception, right? Yes, it is a perfect snack with the right amount of crispiness accompanied by the spiciness it is a perfect monsoon snack.

What is Kodubale?

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Kodubale is derived from the word ‘Kodu’ which means horn and the word ‘bale’ means bangles in Kannada. This is how the snack got its name. And trust me if you take a look at kodubale images you would agree that it is made to look like a bangle. This is a famous Karnataka snack.

The dough is of a very thin shape like a horn and it is made into a bangle adjoining both the ends which are then connected together by pinching both ends to shape it like horns. This will look like a bangle. What a fun snack right?. Delicious, crispy, and spicy bangle-looking snack, deep-fried also very quick and easy to make yet very tasty.

Kodubale and celebrations:

This traditional snack is prepared during festivals like Gowri-Ganesh and Krishna Janmashtami. Gokulashtami is a very important festival in Tamil families and many people have claimed that this snack was a “must” during those festivals. And also a favorite snack in the household.

Here is an important suggestion, try kodubale with some hot chai or coffee to dive into the depths of yumminess.


Kodubale Recipe :

Here is a traditional recipe for this spicy traditional snack from Karnataka.

 kodubale recipe

The total time it takes to prepare this snack is 17 minutes.

Preparation time takes 10 minutes

Cooking it takes 7 mins


NOTE: the above instruction can vary from person to person based on the speed and their personal experience level in cooking. It is calculated approximately, to give you a rough idea.


 I will first start with the list of ingredients,


1½ Cups Of Rice Flour

¾ Cup of Roasted Gram or 1/3 cup of Roasted Gram Powder

¼ Cup of Maida/Plain Flour

2 tbsp of Fine Sooji/Semolina (Optional)

1 tsp  of  Red Chilli Powder (add per taste)

¼ tsp of Hing/Asafoetida

1 tbsp of  Butter/Margarine/Oil

2-3 springs of Curry Leaves, it should be finely chopped

Salt to taste

Oil for Deep Frying




  • Start by grinding roasted rice gram powder and keep it aside.
  • Add rice flour, roasted gram powder, fine semolina, chili powder, hing, chopped curry leaves, plain flour, and salt according to your preference to taste. Mix them well.
  • Heat a tbsp of oil and add the rice flour mixture. And now you should mix them with your fingers until they reach the desired consistency.
  • Add water in a little amount to mold soft pliable dough. Keep adding water from time to time. Now keep this aside for half an hour.
  • Heat oil for deep frying in a pan at medium flame.
  • Oil heating aside, now pinch the large-sized dough and roll them into ¼ inch thick and 2-2 ½ inch long cigars.
  • Gentle pressure should be applied while you roll out in making sure the cigars are smooth without breaking. Join the ends on both sides.
  • Drop them into the heating oil gently. 6-7 per batch but depending on the size of the pan. Now you should deep fry them on medium flame till they turn golden brown on both sides.
  • Now place them on a plate removing them from the pan. With the help of a kitchen, the towel removes the excess oil.
  • Repeat this until you are finished. Now let them cool down to room temperature before storing them in an air-tight container.
  • Now you are ready to serve this delicious and crunchy kodubale and oh don't forget to have your cup of tea or coffee.


Tips :

  • Always make sure you immediately deep fry them after rolling or they will dry up and crack.
  • the thinner the crunchier so roll very thin cigars.
  • you can get crunchy kodubale by heating oil at a high flame and carefully dropping it into the pan. Let it cook on medium to high flame till it floats up.
  • wait until it turns golden brown.
  • Add 1tbsp of white sesame while making dough.
  • If you want to make it gluten-free, feel free to skip the semolina in the recipe.



Nothing beats the nostalgic feel that a traditional delicacy can bring. It will bring out the memories that you didn't realize existed. Especially when it is a traditional delicacy that was often a huge part of the fun-filled festival celebrations it recalls the aroma, the taste, the memories everything flashes through our minds. I guess that is what makes the traditions so alive making us feel like they happened yesterday.

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And share your experience with your friends and families and oh! don't forget your cup of chai to experience the best flavor of kodubale.

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