Different types of Bengali Sandesh that you must try

Who doesn't like desserts? Especially when you are an Indian you can even say NO to chocolates wrapped in aluminium foils but can’t say no to our tasteful mouth-watering traditional Indian desserts. I am pretty sure most of us attend weddings for the yummy food, agree? Those boring rituals and never-ending gossip but we find a way to put up through all of the hurdles because we know at the end of the day, desserts are all that matters.

There are a lot of desserts available but have you heard of Bengali sweets Sandesh or Sondesh? okay, where is my Bengali fam? Yes, you guessed it right. Sandesh is a dessert originating from Bengal. Sandesh sweet is made of milk and sugar like most sweets but what makes it stand out is its texture. Smooth and velvety texture kind of feeling. Some of the other recipes of Bengali Sandesh are chhena or paneer instead of milk.  I know you guys would want to know more about this amazing dessert. Please keep reading.


Bengali Sweet Sandesh comes with a variety of different flavors just to satisfy different taste buds. You may be a chocolate person or a vanilla person or sometimes both. But if you talk about Indian desserts, different flavors available in one particular dessert are rare. But Sondesh comes in different flavors, isn't it amazing?  

  • Nolen gurer jalbhara sandesh
  • Strawberry sandesh
  • Pineapple sandesh
  • Mango pista sandesh




Let's talk about this finest delicacy. This represents the culture of West Bengal. Since it is made with liquid jaggery, jal bhara stands for jol(water), and bhora(filled) jaggery syrup is used here. It is made of nolen gur which means that the jaggery is extracted from the dates known as khajur gur. It's a cottage cheese fudge with a juicy center, basically, an Indian version of choco lava cake, very innovative, isn't it?

This specialty is very popular and a must-try that beats every other flavor.



The most amazing part of this dessert is that it is shaped like a mango. I mean we love creative desserts, don't we? Also, I'm pretty sure most of us would definitely choose mango in a fruit basket mixed with different varieties of fruits. Also, mango is a summer fruit. This dessert carries that vibe efficiently. This variant of Sandesh is one of the most delicious ones. The key ingredients are chhena, khoya, pistachio, and mango essence. Pista adds to its delightful flavor. The smell of ripe mango along with a topped-up pista adds up to the uniqueness of this dessert.



STRAWBERRY, I bet most of us would love the flavour even if it's cough syrup. Nostalgic right?  This flavor is everybody's favorite from adults to kids. Oh wait, even chocolate, a vanilla person would love it. Now here we are talking about an Indian dessert that's available in this “everybody's favorite” flavor. I know it sounds amazing.

Strawberry Sandesh is made from curdled milk which is called chhenna, sugar, strawberry essence, and jelly. It's pink since it's mixed with strawberry essence/ jello.



If you are a person who likes fruity flavors on your dessert you would love this dessert. Pineapple Sandesh is a healthy and very fruity delightful dessert that is mainly made with just three prime ingredients. The warm and subtle look of this delicacy is very rich in its delightful fruit flavour that adds to its delicious punch. Surely give this a shot if you like fruity desserts. It's made of chhena, pineapple, pineapple essence, sugar, and cardamom.



Some have this habit of comparing two different things to each other. You cannot compare ramen and Maggi and expect them to taste the same. They both contain different spices and ingredients and you cannot compare between spices. Likewise, you cannot between sweets. Every sweet has a story behind it, so next time you compare, just keep in mind not everybody is a fan of sushi whereas some of us would give up everything for it.  Its tradition, culture, and origin of it makes a sweet unique in its own way.

Sandesh mithai is very easy to make and the fact that it's made of very basic ingredients is what amuses me the most. It can easily be prepared with the things that are available in our Indian household.

Take your time and treat yourself to the goodness of this delightful dessert which is going to be worth it. I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed.


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